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2020-2021 Team Handbook

"Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved." 

— Pooh, Winnie the Pooh


Dublin Jerome High School

Swimming Handbook


  • Head Swim Coach... John Spangler

    Cell… 614-329-8018

    Email… j[email protected]

    Assistant Swim Coach… Morgan Quesnel

    Assistant Swim Coach... Jordan Gundlach

    • 2020-2021 Season

    The season runs from October 25th – February 22nd. Meets begin in late November. Tryouts are held October 30th to determine team members. Transportation to the Dublin Community Recreation Center for practice and tryouts will be provided by school bus after school dismissal. Athletes will need to provide their own transportation home from practice.


    All forms required for athletic team participation for Dublin City Schools can be found online on the Parent Dashboard at An “Emergency Medical” Form must be completed for each athletic season. All forms must be complete online by the start of the season.

    A pre-participation physical for each athlete must be on file with the Athletic Department. The physical must have been completed within the past calendar year and must be submitted PRIOR the student being allowed to participate in any manner. This includes tryouts. If a physical is not on file the athlete WILL NOT be allowed to tryout, meaning he or she will not be on the team.

    Pay-to-Participate ($50.00) must be paid by October 29th. (checks made payable to “Dublin City Schools”… NOT the Boosters) and can be turned in at the Mandatory Parent/Swimmer Meeting on November 6th. Pay-to-Participate fees may also be paid online via EZPay but must be paid by October 29th.


    Tryouts will be held on October 30th, from 3:15-5:30pm

    Previous swimming times outside of high school competition will not be considered per OHSAA guidelines. Swimmers are encouraged to be in their best shape possible and be prepared with suit, goggles and cap. A few swimmers may be exempt from tryouts, these swimmers will be notified by the head coach if this is the case. The head coach reserves the right to change the conditions of exemptions any given year. The head coach reserves the right to withhold the privilege of trying out for the team to any athlete if his or her behavior/actions have damaged the spirit and integrity of the team. Being a “good” or “fast” swimmer does not necessarily guarantee the right to be on the team. Each swimmer must also be a good and positive team member. If there are any questions regarding tryouts, please contact the head coach directly.

    At the conclusion of tryouts, the head coach will contact athletes who have tried out with the results of their tryout.

    • All team members will abide by the Dublin Jerome High School Code of Conduct, Co-Curricular Code of Conduct and subsequent consequences at all times.
    • Use or possession of any controlled substances is strictly prohibited and will result in serious school disciplinary action and the involvement of local authorities.
    • Use of profanity will not be permitted at any time. Consequences will be at the discretion of the head coach and may result in school disciplinary action.
    • Student athletes are expected to use polite, respectful behavior at all times. Insubordination will not be tolerated. Students are to show respect and common courtesy to coaches, parents volunteers and peers at all times. Consequences will be at the discretion of the head coach and may result in school disciplinary action.
    • Ohio Revised Code prohibits harassment, personal degradation, hazing or initiation of any kind. Students may not use any public media, written or electronic for the purpose of degrading or harassing another student athlete or staff member. Consequences will be at the discretion of the head coach and may result in school disciplinary action.
    • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and leaving locker rooms and pool areas cleaner than they found them.
    • Athletes are expected to attend all practices as outlined in the Attendance Policy with no unexcused practices.
    • Athletes are expected to be a team player and encourage/support all team members.
    • Athletes are expected to be punctual. To be on time is to be late. To be early is to be on time.
    • Athletes will at all times be a proud representative of Dublin Jerome High School, Celtic Athletics, and Jerome Swimming in the pool, at school and in the community.
    • Athletes are expected to attend all practices and meets.
    • Ninety percent (90%) attendance for all swimmers (this includes those who “swim out”) at practices will be required for participation in meets and to be considered for receiving a Varsity letter.
    • Being tardy to a practice counts as ½ absence. Attendance will be taken at 3:10pm each day.
    • Swimming/pool practice will be held every weekday (Monday – Friday) after school from 3:10pm – 5:45pm.
    • 4 lane days 3:00-5:30
    • 3 lane days 2:15-5:30
    • Strength & conditioning/weight lifting will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:00am. Strength & conditioning/weight lifting will take place on days of meets. There may be lifting on Saturdays.
    • Thanksgiving… The team will practice the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday of Thanksgiving break. There will be no practice on Thanksgiving Day. Swimmers who miss these practices are putting themselves at a disadvantage and will hinder early season progression.
    • Winter Break… Winter break is the most important training time of the season and swimmers will have two swimming practices per day the majority of the break. The team will also continue with weight training through the break, meaning some days may even include three practices. It cannot be stressed enough that families need to make sure their swimmer is healthy and attending practice over break.

    All team members are expected and required to have their practice equipment with them at all practices. Practice equipment consists of:

    • Fins Tyr Hydroblade (strong kickers)TYR Burner EPB fins
    • PaddlesTYR Catalyst Stroke Training paddle
    • SnorkelTYR Ultralite Snorkel 2.0
    • KickboardAny kind

    Practice equipment should be purchased from our team store which can be linked to directly from our team website.


    To be considered for a Varsity Letter, each athlete must:

    • Be a team member who is a positive individual to the team and in good moral standing in the completion of the season;
    • Show good team spirit and sportsmanship toward fellow team members as well as to members of other teams;
    • Follow all team rules and show respect to coaches, parent volunteers, and other team members at all times;
    • Be an active member of the team by regularly attending practices, attending team functions and participating in team spirit/social activities;
    • Maintain ninety percent (90%) attendance through the season.

    Each athlete must also meet one of the following requirements:

    • Be a District meet individual qualifier;
    • Achieve two of the qualifying times listed below:

    • Girls Event Boys
      2:04.39 200 Free 1:53.28
      1:20.99 200 IM 2:08.61
      25.71 50 Free 23.14
      56.83 100 Free 50.47


      100 Fly


      5:42.45 500 Free 5:13.42
      1:03.37 100 Back 59.53
      1:12.72 100 Breast 1:04.66 

      Coach’s discretion.

    • What are the definitions of some frequently used terms?

    Event… a portion of a meet competition broken down by stroke, gender and relay type.

    Heat… a portion of an event. An event may require multiple heats to allow all swimmers entered to swim the event.

    IM… slang for Individual Medley, and event in which the swimmer swims all four competitive strokes in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

    Lane Lines… the dividers used to delineate the individual lanes. These are made of individual finned disks strung on a cable which rotate on the cable when hit by a wave. The rotating disks dissipate surface tension waves in the competition pool.

    Official… a stroke judge on the deck of the pool. Various judges watch the swimmers’ strokes, turns and finishes or are timers.

    Competitive Strokes… freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

    Medley Relay… an event in which four swimmers compete, with each swimming one of the four competitive strokes in the following order: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle.

    • Where do I go to check the meet schedule and other important dates?

    Go to our website, Click on the “Calendar” tab to find scheduled meets, dates for practices, DJHS events, fundraising events, and socials for both athletes and parents.

    • How long do high school meets typically last?

    A typical dual meet with two teams competing will usually last around 90 minutes. Away dual meets may take longer because of diving. Home meets will not include diving so will therefore be much shorter. Meets that are not dual meets will last longer than 90 minutes, depending on the meet format and number of teams.

    • Do I have to purchase a team suit?

    Yes, all members of the Jerome Swim Team are required to purchase and wear the official team suit for all team meets. Swimmers are expected to wear practice suits during practice to ensure the official team suit lasts the full season. New boy team members will be required to purchase the official drags suits.

    • Where do I purchase a team suit?

    Team suits will be available for order/purchase through a direct link on our website. The Boosters have created a team store through that provides a small percent of the purchases back to our Boosters, which means even more we can do for our swimmers!

    • Do I have to purchase a team swim cap?

    A latex Jerome Swimming team cap will be provided to each member of the team. Additional latex or silicone caps may be purchased.

    • What about team warmups?

    Jerome Swimming warmups are provided to every swimmer for use during the season. The warmups are to be returned laundered and in the condition in which they were received at the end of the season. The option to purchase a warmup is available.

    • I understand there is a lot of team apparel offered. Are team members required or expected to purchase team apparel?

    All team apparel other than the official team suit is option and offered to team members (and their families) to build team unity and spirit and may serve as a small fundraising activity for the Boosters.

    • What are parents’ responsibilities at meets?

    For home meets, parents are asked to help time. Electronic touch pads are used to record the times but parents are needed to serve as backup timers. A signup at the beginning of the season will be sent out for timers for all home meets. Other than timing, parents should just show up and cheer on the Celts! (Though some would argue that timing affords the best viewing of the meet!)

    • Where are home meets held?

    Home meets are held at the Dublin Community Recreation Center (DCRC), Multi-Purpose Pool

    5600 Post Rd, Dublin, OH 43017

    • How are athletes transported to practice at the DCRC and all meets, both home and away?

    Practice… Athletes are permitted to drive themselves to practice at the DCRC, though the school provides transportation after school from Jerome HS to the DCRC via Dublin City Schools bus. Athletes are responsible for arranging their own transportation home after practice.

    Home Meets… Athletes are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from all home meets, with the exception of any home meets that may be held immediately following a weekday practice. The coach will inform the athletes of time to arrive at meets.

    Away Meets… Athletes are transported to and from all away meets via Dublin City Schools bus, departing and returning to Jerome HS.

    • Are there Booster meetings?

    Yes. If you have an athlete on the team, you’re automatically a booster. The Jerome Swim Boosters typically meet once a month at Jerome HS. Watch your email for announcements on Booster meeting dates and locations or check the team website at Typically they will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm during the season.

    • How much are the Booster fees?

    Booster fees are $125 per swimmer. Checks can be written to Dublin Jerome Swim Boosters and will be collected at the Mandatory Parent/Swimmer Meeting on October 26th.

    • What things do my Booster fees pay for?

    -- 2018-19 DJHS Swim team t-shirt, water bottle, car decal and

    swim cap for every swimmer

    -- Jerome Swimming team warmups for every swimmer

    -these are booster owned and are to be returned in good condition at the completion of the season

    -- Jerome Swimming towels for new swimmers

    -- team poster for every swimmer

    -- banners for Seniors

    -- supplies for Friday morning team breakfasts during the season

    -- “Swimmer of the Week” awards

    -- food for out-of-town meets (Canton Invitational, State Meet)

    -- lodging for Canton Invitational

    -- “Championship Season” t-shirts for all swimmers

    -- State Meet apparel for qualifiers

    -- expenses for Holiday, OCC, Sectional & District team parties

    -- Senior Night expenses (room rental, food, etc.)

    -- expenses for State Meet party for qualifiers and their parents

    -- Senior gifts

    -- End of Season Banquet meal for all swimmers

    • Are there opportunities to get involved with the Boosters?

    YES! We are always looking for help on the various projects, events and committees that we sponsor. The Boosters need involvement from all athletes’ parents to support our team.

    • Tell me more about the Canton Invitational Meet (Northeast Classic).

    The team competes every year at the Canton Invitational Meet in Canton, Ohio. Meet officials set the time standards for eligibility by the end of winter break training. The Boosters pay for overnight accommodations for the athletes, coaches and bus driver as well as some meals for the athletes. Due to this meet requiring an overnight stay, student permission forms must be notarized and turned in prior to departing.

    • Tell me more about the “Championship” Meets.

    Ohio Capital Conference (OCC) Championship Meet… The team will compete in the OCC Championship Meet held at (site tbd) on January 26th. While there are not individual qualifying time requirements, each team is limited to a set number of entries.

    Sectional Meet… The team will compete in the Sectional Meet at Kenyon College on February 8th. The Sectional meet does not have individual entry qualifying times, each team is limited to a set number of entries (4 entries per event, 1 team per relay).

    District Meet… A total of 30 qualifiers in each event will compete at the District Meet at The Ohio State University.

    Division I District Qualifiers: The first place finisher in each boys and girls event from the Upper Arlington, CSG and Worthington Sectional Meet sites will advance to the District Meet. The East District and Southeast District Sectional sites will advance as at-large qualifiers based on time. There will be twenty-seven (27) at-large qualifiers based on time from the two Central District Sectional sites, the East District Sectional site and the Southeast District Sectional site.

    State Meet… The top two (2) individuals and top two (2) relays in each swimming event in ALL divisions will automatically qualify for the Central, Northwest, Northeast and Southwest District Meets to the State Meet.

    The State Meet is held at McKinley High School Natatorium in Canton, Ohio.

    For meet information and psych sheets for the Sectional and District meets go to, click location and events you would like to see, this will update once District qualifiers are announced.

    • How are travel and accommodations handled for the State Meet?

    For all athletes qualifying for the State Meet in Canton, DJHS will pay for their accommodations for one night and provides a stipend for meals. If the athlete qualifies for Finals, thus requiring another night’s stay, the school will pay for the additional room accommodation. The Head Coach is provided with a credit/debit card from the Athletic Department to pay for the athletes’ meals. Boosters make the room reservations for the athletes, but the rooms are charged back to the Athletic Department for payment.

    • What social events are associated with Championship season?

    Parties/social events are held for the team prior to each Championship meet (Sectionals, Districts and State) to get them excited and ready for the meet and to give them a fabulous send off. The parties are usually hosted by one of the athlete’s family, with the Boosters paying for the main dish and the athletes signing up to bring sides, desserts, etc.

    Being a member of the team is a privilege, not a right. Please treat it as such.

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